How do we update the PMWC-02 system software:

To update the PMWC-02 system software, please follow these steps:

1. Begin by accessing your device’s webpage, which is typically available at the default URL: http://plantmate.local.

2. Once on the device’s webpage, navigate to the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon located in the lower-right corner of the page.

3. Within the settings menu, select “Advanced Settings & Updates,” and then choose “System Update.”

4. Click on the provided link that says “Click here to download the latest software,” which will take you to the download page on

*You will need to log in to to access this page.

5. On the device’s webpage, go to the “System Update” section to check the current system version on your device. If it differs from the version you are going to download, always opt for the latest version.

6. If the latest version is available on the download page, click on the zip file to download it to your local computer.

7. Locate the downloaded zip file on your local computer and right-click to extract its contents. Inside the zip file, you will find three essential files:

   – firmware_xx.bin

   – filesystem_xx.bin

   – readme.txt

8. Return to your device’s webpage and click the provided link that says “Click here to upload the software to your device” to access the update page.

9. On the update page, prior to clicking the ‘Choose File’ button, please do the following:

– For the firmware_xx.bin file, first choose ‘Firmware,’ then click ‘Choose File.’ In the subsequent pop-up window, locate and open the firmware_xx.bin file from the unzipped folder. The process is detailed similarly to step 10, please read.

   – For the filesystem_xx.bin file, select ‘Filesystem,’ and then click ‘Choose File.’ In the ensuing pop-up window, access and open the filesystem_xx.bin file from the unzipped folder. The process is described in a similar manner as in step 10, please read.

10. Exercise caution during the software installation process. Avoid reloading, refreshing, or closing the update page.

Completion is not guaranteed even when the progress bar reaches 100%.

Please wait until you see the message “OTA Success.” This may take a minute, so please be patient.

Return to your device’s settings page, your system is up-to-date 🙂

What to do if the update crashes:

1. If a crash occurs during the firmware update:

   – Your firmware will automatically revert to the previous version.

   – Move your device closer to your router and attempt the update again.

2. If a crash occurs during the filesystem update:

   – There is no rollback function for the filesystem.

   – In such cases, you can try using the following link: http://plantmate.local/update

Please note that ‘http://plantmate.local’ is the default link. If you have customized it with your own name, use your unique link followed by ‘/update.’ For example, if your device is now ‘http://iloveplants.local,’ you should enter it as follows: http://iloveplants.local/update.

3. If you encounter any issues during the update process, please contact us at or visit our website at


* OTA = Over the Air

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