Understanding and Fixing ‘Check Water Needed!’ Issue with Your Plantmate Automatic Watering Cube

Are you puzzled why your Plantmate Automatic Watering Cube keeps showing the ‘Check Water Needed!’ alert, even though you’ve filled the tank? Let’s dive into why this happens and how you can fix it easily.

What’s the Problem?

The issue likely stems from the positioning of the soil moisture sensor in relation to the water nozzle. Let’s break down how the Cube detects water levels. When the soil moisture falls below your set threshold, the Cube activates the water pump, which sprays water through the nozzle. After a short pause, allowing the water to soak into the soil and reach the sensor, the Cube expects to see an increase in moisture. If it doesn’t detect this increase within a few seconds, it flashes the blue ‘Check Water Needed!’ light.

Why It Happens?

If the soil moisture sensor is too far from the nozzle, it might not detect the soil’s moisture increase after watering. Consequently, the Cube mistakenly believes the tank is empty and triggers the ‘Check Water Needed!’ alert.

How to Fix It?

To resolve this issue, ensure the soil moisture sensor is positioned correctly, closer to the water nozzle. By doing this, you improve the sensor’s ability to detect changes in soil moisture accurately, leading to more reliable readings from the device.


While the Plantmate Automatic Watering Cube is a handy tool for keeping your plants hydrated, it can sometimes misfire with alerts like ‘Check Water Needed!’. Understanding its mechanisms and ensuring the sensor’s proper positioning can help you avoid unnecessary alerts and keep your plants healthy and happy.

Next time your Cube cries out for water despite the tank being full, remember to check the sensor’s position. It’s a simple fix that can save you from unnecessary hassle and ensure your plants thrive as they should.

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